Growers and What They Look Like

We all appreciate their efforts, so we should understand where they’re coming from. Weed manufacturers vary in kind, but the uniting factor is the danger they face. This documentary tells of the war for control over marijuana distribution in Columbia, a very fertile country for marijuana cultivation. Vice‘s search for three rare strands introduces them to a number of producers and follows the steps of the King of Cannabis.

Meet Arjan Roskam, the King of Cannabis. He’s made a whole business around the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, selling seeds, and founding Green House coffee shops and the Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. He shows his philosophy, his methods and his people in this documentary. 

Commenting on a seed he pulled from the base of a marijuana plant, breeder, Franco Loja says,

This is the original landrace material that I can breed, that I can store in my library, that I can use to create new genetics that are going to win Cannabis Cups, that are going to make people rich, that are going to put people in jail, that are going to change destinies and lives. And this is why I wake up with a smile every fucking day of my life.

Watch this video to understand more about the process that brings weed to your table. Growers are our best friends, y’know. What would we do without them? 

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