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And the #1 Strand of All Time Is….


OG Kush!!!!! Check out this article of the top 10 Strains

Highest lab-tested THC at a HT Cannabis Cup: 24.04 percent (Denver, 2013)

So here we are at #1… and there is no denying the OG Kush her rightful throne. The Queen of Cali is one of the most popular strains ever to grace the pages of High Times and is hands down the flower of choice on the West Coast of the United States. Not only is she one of the strongest strains on Earth, but she is also among the most varied, exhibiting more phenotypes than almost any other strain we’ve seen and demonstrating that she’s a true product of her environment. Click the pic for the whole article. via (High Times)

Smoking Marijuana In Public

How do you feel about smoking Marijuana in public? Do you think it will eventually ruin society? Do you think teens will start smoking earlier than previous prohibitions? Read the article below and comment


Grow Room



If you ever find yourself in one of these rooms, consider yourself lucky. WeedLush will be conducting interviews from inside grow rooms shortly.



What is Marijuana

tumblr_msefiypf291qlona5o1_500Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans. According to government surveys, some 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so regularly despite harsh laws against its use. Our public policies should reflect this reality, not deny it.

Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning. Similarly, more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to tobacco smoking. By comparison, marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause death by overdose.